Branded Products

Our company is one of the founding members of the Consortium Kiwigold Srl and Jingold S.p.A.

The "Consortium Kiwi Gold" owns the exclusive worldwide distribution, cultivation, packaging and marketing of the kiwifruit cultivars JINTAO across the globe and Europe until 2031, therefore controlling the entire supply chain.

Perugini Frutta s.p.a. is an "Authorized Distributor" and part of the Consortium Kiwigold Srl.

Jingold S.p.A. and Consortium Kiwigold LTD own the following new varieties of kiwifruit:

  • Yellow Kiwifruit JINTAO
  • Yellow Kiwifruit JINYAN
  • Green Kiwifruit HAYWARD
  • Green Kiwifruit BO ERICA
  • Green Kiwifruit Z5Z6
  • Green Kiwifruit DONG HONG

JINGOLD™ is the trade mark that identifies all our kiwis, guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the entire supply chain.

JINGOLD™ is available in different sizes and packages, all of which meet the modern distribution requirements. All kiwis bulk are marked with a specific label that guarantees quality and traceability.


It is an inimitable and unique fruit owned by The Kiwigold Consortium of which our company is a member.

The fruit is the result of natural selection, conducted in collaboration with the University of Udine. It is characterized by an extraordinary amount of fiber and vitamin C and a fresh, juicy taste that appeals to children. It keeps well in the refrigerator too.

These reasons have earned it an high international reputation and the appreciation from consumers in many countries around the world.


Yellow Pulp Kiwi (Jynian) it's a new kind of kiwifruit created by the union between "Actinidia eriantha" and "Actinidia chinensis".

It is a medium-large fruit characterized by a cylindrical shape, a smooth skin and a beautiful bright yellow colour. The fruit can last until eight months in a controlled environment.

  • Organoleptic properties: tender and juicy, sweet and aromatic.
  • Nutraceutical properties: vitamin C, potassium and calcium.


This kiwi is much more than a fruit. It represents a symbol of well-being, energy and good eating habits. It is always appreciated because of its taste and its beneficial properties.

It is always present in the low-calorie diet and recommended by doctors and nutritionists because of its high vitamin C and fiber properties,

Particularly loved by women for its beneficial properties and for its tasty flavor, thanks to its sweet fragrance is also appreciated by children.

Jingold selects the best green kiwis of the two hemispheres, collect them at their right ripening and guarantees its quality.


Recently licensed by Jingold S.p.A, Kiwi Bo Erica features the best characteristics of the Hayward variety, thanks to its elongated shape, upper size and a sweet taste.

Loved by women for its beneficial proporties and tasty flavor, and even by children, thanks to a sweet fragrance that captivates everyone.

Kiwi green pulp (Z5Z6 Patent)

  • Pulp color: Dark green.
  • Appearance: elliptical, slightly irregular.
  • High caliber.
  • Organoleptic characteristics: very high quality flavor, sweet and juicy pulp.
  • Nutraceutical properties: high amount of vitamin C.
  • Long shelf life.

Red Pulp Kiwi (Dong Hong Patent)

It is the first red pulp kiwi with long lasting properties.

  • Flesh color: yellow gold exocarp ,bright red endocarp.
  • Appearance: cylindrical shape, hairless and thick skin. Medium size.
  • Organoleptic characteristics: high sugar content, sweet and intense taste.
  • Nutraceutical properties: high content of vitamin C.
  • The fruit can last five months in a controlled environment.